Grows as you Grow
We've "cooked in" automatic scaling so that you don't have to change your business model or plan. IBIS SCMS isn't going to require you to upgrade or reprogram a thing just because you've been successful. Naturally, if your needs change, IBIS will be there to customize your investment without disrupting what it is already doing for you.
Built for SPEED
Cloud-based systems are at the mercy of remote servers and internet upload/download speeds. The more connections and devices data has to traverse, the more strain on speed and demands on traffic management - not to mention security concerns. And forget speedy outputs like reports and analytical profiles while you watch the wait icon go round and round... IBIS SCMS is premise-based on your own server providing unhindered speed results in all functions. IBIS's data capacity is virtually unlimited.
Intuition means Intelligence
IBIS SCMS's intuitive metrics are designed to inform and manage mission-critical decision points such as:
- optimal inventory levels and restocking quantities (the EOQ or Economic Order Quantity developed by Michael Hugos) to minimize the carrying costs associated with inventory fluctuations
- automatic financial functions including AP and AR postings using your pre-defined posting requirements tables.
- Commitment and calendar reminders to optimize Customer and Supplier Relationship Management.
Account values and profitability analytics to determine where to best invest your time, effort and money on the relationships that are most likely to expand your business.
- Warehouse Space Utilization decisions can be made based on the IBIS Slot Management Profile that advises you on the proper space use based on industry-accepted standards for optimally configured warehouses.
- IBIS utilizes the Warehouse Activity Profiles developed by Edward Frazelle, PhD, a foremost supply chain and warehousing authority. Averages can give you false information. WAPs are much more accurate in facilitating the best courses of action.
- and much, much more!
Beware of Suites bearing Promises
Supply Chain software systems have grown more complex over time as users have demanded increasingly robust capabilities. And because needs vary greatly from business to business, "apples-to-apples" comparisons are virtually impossible. Any professional in a supply chain will tell you they do their "own thing" when it comes to the software used to manage their material handling.
This has led to cloud-based, high-end software suites that promise everything under the Sun. Old Chinese proverb says: "He who promises everything often turn out to be unwelcomed guest." Just be aware that no system does everything well.
So, beware of suites bearing promises. Don't open your business up to a trojan horse with an insatiable appetite for your time, resources, and money.
IBIS does not promise the Moon; it isn't for everyone, but it will improve on what is working for you already. What do you have to lose? Let us see if we can bring value to your business at no cost or obligation for an initial evaluation.
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