As a Program Completer and a Red Bird graduate, you can expect to be part of our family. We will support you as you build your reputation and career. You'll have access to your transcript and our alumni website. Best of all, you can have a personal webpage on our site so that employers can get to know who you are and what you can do for them. And if you are in Florida, enjoy free Notary Public service. Just contact us!

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What benefits will I have as an alumnus or alumna?

Yes, there are scholarship grants for those who qualify. You also have the option to finance your studies. Contact Red Bird Skills for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

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Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, you can discuss your needs with us and as long as we are able to schedule at least 5 other students in the same class, we will work with you.

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Can I choose a flexible schedule?
What happens if I don't complete the course successfully?

Your tuition covers one complete course of study with two certification exam attempts. We cannot stress enough how essential it is to not miss a single class session. If you do not pass your exams after a second attempt, a second Remedial Tuition payment will be required. The Remedial Tuition rate is 25% of the regular tuition fee.

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While no one can guarantee anyone a job until an offer is actually received, it is part of our mission to prepare you for and place you in a fulfilling, good paying job.

Will I be placed in a job when I'm certified?

Yes, class sizes are limited to ten (10) students per session. You can schedule appointments with your instructor for more support if you need it. The classroom environment is high-tech and offers a memorable learning experience.

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Can I expect individualized attention?
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