The Wall Street Journal - Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Inc.’s attempt to control its own distribution may take a radical turn, as far as the company is concerned. The e-commerce giant recently hosted what it called a “Radical Transportation Salon,” the WSJ’s Laura Stevens and Tim Higgins report, as word seeped out that Amazon has created a team focused on driverless-vehicle technology as the retailer navigates the changing transport world. For now, Amazon doesn’t intend to build a fleet of vehicles, according to people familiar with the project. Instead, the team serves as an in-house think tank to figure out how to leverage autonomous vehicles. The initiative, still in its early phases, puts a major consumer of transport services into the arena with tech giants and auto makers that are studying how to put self-driving vehicles on the road. The technology could help the Seattle-based company overcome the logistical and cost challenge of how to deliver packages quickly. And it could bring new investment to a technology some believe may see its biggest early benefits in trucking services.

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