A human-friendly Warehouse Management System?

What a Concept!


The Bird with a CAN DO attitude!

It's about the Experience - users love it.


Less Click Fatigue

No "Drop Downs" Madness

Less Eye Fatigue - colors and larger fonts

None of the common Microsoft design and Windows looks

Simplified decision points

Dummy proof functions

Less "Now how am I supposed to do that again?"

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Integrated Business

Information Systems

Simple Effective Efficient ...

for yourself!


Cloud vs. On-Premise Systems

Do you want to control your own destiny or be at the mercy of a remote server and internet issues?

 One beautiful screen - the doorway to a World of Possibilities 

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box




Ask us about our turnkey micro-fulfillment centers and micro-footprint warehousing solutions


Authorized Assessment Center


third party logistics

Let us operate your warehouse needs with or without inventory management. Add fulfillment services for a complete solution to help grow and profit.


Our IBIS Supply Chain Management System integrates key business operations and can run your business for you at low cost and simplicity. Designed by users for users.

Simple Effective Efficient ...for yourself!

career & technical

MSSC Certified Logistics Technician training.